Instructor David Vaughan

David Vaughan

Certified Primary Instructor: Level 2
Valid: July, 2017 — July, 2019

I began practising tai chi at around the age of forty in 1997.  Before that I learnt yoga from a book by Richard Hittleman and used to do exercises such as standing on my head for two minutes.  The yoga was useful in developing some core strength and helped to a degree with the soreness  and stiff muscles I used to experience in the upper back area.
My tai chi journey so far can be divided into two sections.  I  started  learning  Yang style under Master Sergio Arione .  He taught me a Yang style long form that he learnt from Sun Kuen Ma .  Sun Kuen Ma had been a student of Yang Cheng Fu.  Later on Master Arione’s school became directly affiliated with the Yang family and we switched to Yang Cheng Fu’s form.  At this time I also practised some Qi Gong as taught by a Chinese master by the name of Chen Yong Fa a lineage holder in the Choy Lee Fut tradition.  During my thirteen years at this school I attended seminars given by Yang Zhen Duo ,Yang Yang Jun and Chen Yong Fa at the rate of more than one a year .In 2009 I attended a tai chi symposium with teachers of the five major styles present where Grand master Chen Zhenglei introduced students of the other styles to Chen tai chi .  I believe it is very fortunate to have access to such high quality instruction.

The second section is under way as a student under Masters: Xu Li and Zhou at the Sinowushu Academy since 2010.   My luck continues, not only do we have the opportunity to learn directly from Grandmaster Chen when he visits North America we can study in China in the Chen Family system.  A group of us already spent a week at Zhengzhou training six hours a day plus the early morning outdoor practise plus the free practises to retain the day’s  improvements.  My instructor for this session was Master Wang Hai Jun. The situation with my back is healthier I no longer use the services of osteopaths or massage therapists.  Chen’s tai chi has improved my health and well being.

It is very encouraging to have an area of my life that I am still able to improve.