Instructor Toan Trinh

Toan Trinh


Certified Primary Instructor: Level 2
Valid: March, 2019 — March, 2021


After being retired from my main job with ABB in 2010, I was going to Gold Gym in Beaconsfield trying to keep my physical shape during winter time in order to be ready and enjoy my favorite hobby which is golfing during Summertime. I attended TaiChi sessions given by master Leon Xu, I was convinced that TaiChi would help me perform better my golf swings, then I was surprised that TaiChi was helping me much more:
I was able to pull my golf cart through the 18 holes without any cramps on my left legs.
My drives were better, my stands were much more stable then I was able much regularly to send the ball further than 200 yards.
I decided to join master Leon Xu and continued to dedicate at least 2 or 3 evenings attending Sino Wushu Academy schools at Ile Perrot, Point Claire and Lachine until now.
In 2012 I had the opportunity to attend Chen TaiChi symposium in Hang Zhou with TaiChi classmates Philip and David.  We had so memorable training souvenirs with master Wang Hai Jun.
I had the opportunity to learn a lot through those sessions such as how to keep myself stable and move thoroughly. All the routines of Chen TaiChi was designed and thought to gradually help me to understand the nurturing of internal energy, and through the push hand classes Master Leon explaining me how not to block the Qi.
I was trying to explain to my family members and my close friends of the benefits of TaiChi to myself. Even my personal doctor is surprised that I do not take any pills regularly at my age (78 years).
I am still participating regularly to TaiChi classes with master Leon Xu and Master Qian Zhou, his wife, and feel very proud to be part of Sino Wushu Academy activity in Montreal, and be a disciple of Chen TaiChi worldwide.